The Environmental Institute of Alabama shall lead the nation in the research, development and application of science and engineering principles to collect and transform environmental and water resource information into actionable knowledge to protect public health and promote environmental stewardship and resilience

The Environmental Institute

The Environmental Institute (EI) is chartered by The University of Alabama to be composed of academicians and professionals who are highly regarded experts in their fields to study and inform the public, government, and industry of major technical, social and economic issues related to safe management of the environment. Integrated research and service elements of the EI foster the study of the basic concepts, methods, and practices involving environmental sustainability and to serve public interest by accurately and completely conveying information to the public and decision makers in an objective and unbiased manner. Key themes include:

  • Climate & Climate Change Impacts
  • Environmental Informatics & Decision Support
  • Fate & Transport of Contaminants in the Environment
  • Global Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Hydrologic & Frequency Modeling
  • Stormwater & Emerging Contaminants
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

The EI promotes awareness by integrating its research, development and demonstration activities with education and outreach components, including service learning, teacher training and pedagogical research.